This week we are profiling Controlling 2013 speaker Naveen Tandon, Project Manager at Deere & Company.

How did you get your start with SAP and SAP Controlling?  

I was working with Montgomery Elevator Company.  They were bought out by KONE Inc. in 1994.  The new company decided to switch to SAP system in 1999.  I always had an interest in computers and with my background in Engineering & Finance, it seemed like an obvious fit for my interests.  I joined the SAP FICO team.  The KONE team from Finland and local FICO team collaborated for SAP R/3 implementation in 2000.   

What is one of the most important trends that you see currently in SAP Controlling?  

I have seen lot more people talking about CO-PA in recent years.  It is a powerful tool.  Unfortunately, it is not widely utilized due to performance issues.  I have seen a demo of CO-PA report on HANA which was lightning fast.  If CO-PA module’s performance is significantly improved, then I can see many more companies adopting CO-PA.    

In your opinion, why does SAP Controlling matter?

The Controlling module is used for management reporting.  The Controlling module is responsible for proper allocation of costs, absorption of overhead etc.  Controlling is responsible for establishing standard cost which is reflected in calculation of contribution margin. All of these factors are important for a company’s survival!

How do you stay on top of Controlling topics?

I am a part of the team responsible for implementation and support.  We do face new challenges on a regular basis which forces us to seek new solutions.  This is a wealth of information online on various SAP topics. SAP Financial Experts magazine is another good resource for good FI and CO articles. 

What was your most important take away from Controlling 2012?  

It was an opportunity for networking with other participants.  This was one of a kind conference where the focus is on the Controlling module.

Where is your favorite place to vacation and why?  

Geneva, Switzerland.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.