Many SAP Controlling Community members have requested more information on SAP® HANA. This video blog featuring Vijay Vijayasankar courtesy of Jon Reed of provides a real-world example of how SAP HANA is being used to provide real-time AR, AP, and inventory data.

The rush is on to create meaningful SAP HANA apps that are not just speedy but provide genuine business value. To get an inside look at one success story in the making, Jon Reed sat down with Vijay Vijayasankar in Palo Alto to talk about his team’s Working Capital Management app and how it solves problems for CFOs by giving them real-time analysis of AR, AP, and inventory. “Cash is king,” Vijay reminds us, and he shares why CFOs have been able to get up and running quickly when they try the app – without training or (yawn) PowerPoints.

to see Vijay Vijayasankar giving a narrated tour of the app.