Get an updated approach to cost center, project and internal order planning in SAP in this video presentation with slides from Controlling 2013 presented by Janet Salmon, Chief Product Owner for Management Accounting at SAP.

      SAP Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0 has transformed the approach to planning in SAP Controlling. In this session, you’ll learn how SAP has modernized its planning functionality with updated user interfaces and more flexible planning layouts without sacrificing the master data and data integrity checks in the classic transactions. This session covers:
    • Best practices for activating updated functionality in a live ERP environment
    • Options for adding your own columns to the delivered queries 
    • Updates to transactions KP06, KP26, CJ40, CJR2, and KPF6  that improve the user interface and provide more flexibility 
    • Introduction to functionality previously only available in SAP BW-IP, such as aggregation, disaggregation, distribution, copy, and revaluation

Walk away with key information on how to leverage these new applications within a live ERP environment. 

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