The first phase of Woodward’s SAP BPC implementation and upgrade was relatively simple. In this session, we’ll dive into the second phase of the implementation and the steps
Woodward took to improve performance.

This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by Sydnie McConnell dives into how Woodward improved their SAP BPC performance.




 This recorded session covers:

Leave this session with tips for working through frequent user issues including different versions of Excel, inability to edit reports, and missing EPM add-in tabs.


Sydnie McConnell is the lead SAP business systems analyst for Finance at Woodward, which integrates leading-edge technologies into fuel, combustion, fluid, actuation, and electronic control systems for the aerospace and energy markets. Sydnie has over 14 years of experience with SAP Financials, both as a cost accountant and a systems analyst. She’s worked on a variety of complex projects, focusing on SAP Controlling, including several global SAP ERP and BPC implementations. Sydnie is the co-author of First Steps in SAP. Her second book, SAP ERP User Guide - Tips to Increase Productivity, was released in 2016.