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Why do I need to activate Profit Center Accounting in SAP S/4 1709?

IMG 0321We recently upgraded a test system from S/4 1610 to S/4 1709 and one of the interesting things that we found was that SAP recommends that the switch for activating profit center accounting (PCA) should be activated. This was a surprise because I found no mention of this in the Simplification document for 1709 or in on-line searches.

Since release ECC 5.0 clients using the new general ledger with the profit center or segment scenarios active were warned against activation of classic PCA. With the new GL scenarios profit center functionality was incorporated in the GL and the old profit center ledger 8A was not activated. In this case the classic reports in the information system for PCA would not return any results if they were executed.

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Guest — Edwin Weijers
If you would have studied the release notes, you could have read that if you convert to S//4HANA FROM a new GL ECC, you first need... Read More
Friday, 08 December 2017 08:25
Guest — V.Sriram
Great blog for CO
Friday, 15 December 2017 09:41
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