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Attributed Profitability Segment - SAP S/4HANA

AnandCharacteristics from a profitability segment can be read and posted to income statement line items based on the best guess principle. This feature was introduced in account-based CO-PA in S/4HANA 1610. You can use drill-down reporting on posted data. Without attributed profitability segments, you must wait until month-end activities such as settlement, allocation and top-down distribution. With this new CO-PA feature, you can achieve real-time profitability reporting during the month.  

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Tips on how to reconcile costing based CO-PA and GL

ElitzaWhy should we worry about reconciling costing based Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to the GL? After all, GL is the book of record from an external reporting stand point. However, CO-PA has several advantages that the GL does not provide. For example, CO-PA can give us details on revenue and cost of sales (COS) split by sales order, product line, customer, etc. as opposed to the GL, which gives us only total revenue and total COS. CO-PA allows us to drill down to the details of a company’s profitability – customer, product line, which can be especially useful when forecasting future sales/COS. Therefore, CO-PA is an important financial tool; however for it to be accurate, we need procedures to reconcile or explain differences between CO-PA and the GL. 

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Updating Quantity Fields in CO-PA

99 Paul Ovigele HeadshotIf you are using the Controlling Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) module, then you know that the task of mapping various objects to value fields is the key to ensuring that the reports are complete and accurate. The normal scenario is to assign amount fields such as sales conditions, general ledger accounts and production variances. However, it is also important to map quantity fields such as sales and production quantities to value fields (which are set up with a “quantity” attribute in transaction KEA6). Most sales and contribution margin reports contain these quantity values (for example Net Weight of products sold) in order provide the appropriate context for the reported revenue and cost of sales figures.

I will discuss the three main areas where you can make assignments to quantity fields in CO-PA:

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