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SAP FICO Controlling Conference 2022 Highlights


SAP FICO Controlling Conference 2022 Highlights

Here's an overview of the SAP Controlling Conference 2022 Sessions


Day 1

Paul speaking


SAP FICO Keynote

What's New With Allocations in SAP S/4HANA

by Paul Ovigele

Cost Allocation within the Overhead Cost Controlling module enables you to periodically allocate posted amounts and quantities from sender to receiver cost objects based on a Cycle Structure.

In SAP S/4HANA 1809, Universal Allocations were introduced to bring all the allocation processes (such as Assessments and Distributions of Cost centers, Profit Centers, and Profitability Segments for Plan and Actual data) under one umbrella, similar to the Universal Journal. This helps to simplify the allocation process, utilize the speed of the Universal Journal, and provide traceability of the value flows. Some challenges exist with the current ECC functionality, such as the ability of users to easily understand their allocation processes and simulate the results from allocations.

Also, several other modules, such as General Ledger, Profit Center Account, and Profitability Analysis, contain allocation functionality, but it isn't easy to keep track of all the allocations as they are not stored in the same area of the system.

  • Learn the Challenges of current CO Allocations

  • Discover the features of Universal Allocations

  • Learn about managing, executing, and analyzing Allocations using the new Fiori Apps

  • Learn the new process for maintaining Statistical Key Figures

  • Find out how to Manage Global Accounting Hierarchies

Learn more about Paul Ovigele

marjorie 1

Session 2

SAP S/4HANA Margin Analysis & Continuous Close 

by Marjorie Wright

This session provides an overview of changes in S/4HANA Margin Analysis compared to the SAP ERP Profitability Analysis component. We compare both products, highlighting how S/4HANA innovation removes legacy pain points, such as reconciling value fields to the general ledger. Then we’ll discuss how Margin Analysis can predict future gross profits, as well as provide more granular cost analysis before period-end closing.

  • Comparison of SAP ERP Profitability Analysis with S/4AHANA Margin Analysis

  • Predictive Accounting for Sales Orders with Margin Analysis

  • Continuous Accounting or real-time Controlling with Margin Analysis

Learn more about Marjorie Wright


Rohana small

Session 3 

Guidelines for Evaluating a Controlling Area Merger

by Rohana Gunawardena


When configuring controlling areas and company codes for the first time, you can allow a many-to-one or one-to-one Company Code to Controlling Area.

In this session, find out the following:

  • Which option suits your business

  • Why your system is configured the way it is

  • The history of this SAP functionality

We discuss

  • How your company could benefit from a Controlling Area merger

  • The benefits of a many-to-one Controlling Area

  • How to proceed with a Controlling Area merger

  • Key points for a successful merger, including Cost Center renumbering

  • The prerequisites for a successful Controlling Area merger

  • Why you need a single controlling area for cross-company controlling


Learn more about Rohana Gunawardena



Session 4

SAP Material Ledger When Upgrading to S/4HANA
by Tom King

Many SAP customers running SAP ERP systems of various versions use the system without turning on SAP Material Ledger. Those transitioning to S/4HANA are confronted with the fact that the Material Ledger is now required. Discover how the Material Ledger can be used and the decisions required when moving to the new system.

Material Ledger functionality

  • Parallel stock valuation

  • Valuation with transfer pricing

  • Actual costing

Moving from no Material Ledger to S/4HANA

  • Investigating the possibilities

  • Choosing functionality

Moving to S/4HANA when Material Ledger is already in use

  • Comparing old and new

  • Limitations on what can be done when upgrading

Learn more about Tom King 




Session 5
SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC)

by Lino Messerschmidt

Learn how SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC) improves cost calculation and other dimensions for new products or quotations early in the product lifecycle to identify cost drivers along the lifecycle quickly and to simulate and compare alternatives easily.

Learn more about Lino Messerschmidt 



Session 6
SAP Central Finance S/4HANA

by Carsten Hilker

Join this session to learn more about “how to start” - data migration considerations and options, the initial data load, integration with non-SAP ERP systems, master data load and mapping, ongoing transaction replication, and tools and accelerators to make your journey faster and more efficient.

Hear about the "after your operational" - reconciliation, error correction, master data management, business transformation, and change management.

Learn more about Carsten Hilker 



Session 7
Accelerate Your Transformation to the Cloud with SAP Rise S/4HANA

by Anurag Barua

RISE with SAP simplifies and accelerates your journey to the cloud. Get familiar with the basic concepts and benefits your organization will derive from RISE. Get an overview of its core components. Get acquainted with how S/4HANA Cloud (a core RISE component) can turbo-charge your enterprise finance transformation.

Learn more about Anurag Barua




Session 8

Profit Center Usage in SAP S/4HANA

by Dawn Watts

Profit Center Accounting is essential functionality in SAP S/4 HANA. Learn how to utilize Profit Centers to manage your business and financial processes and produce financial statements by area of responsibility.

Attend this session with SAP FICO expert Dawn Watts to learn:

  • Overview of Profit Center Accounting

  • Profit center integration points and the standard derivation hierarchy

  • Common approaches to Profit Center usage in SAP

  • Profit Center vs. Segment in SAP

  • Profit Center accounting functionality in S/4HANA and how it contributes to financial reporting

    Learn more about Dawn Watts

    erp conf cta 1

Day 2

Paul speaking

Session 9
Valuated Stock-In-Transit Accounting

by Paul Ovigele

Stock-in-Transit can occur when goods transferred between two entities have left the sending entity, but ownership has not yet been transferred to the receiving entity. This can happen for external purchases, sales, or between plants in the same or different company codes.

In traditional SAP, the Stock-in-Transit of Inventory can be identified in Inventory Management reports, but this is not reflected in accounting. With the Business Function LOG_MM_SIT, which is available in ECC (from Enhancement Pack 5) and S/4HANA (active by default), you can reflect the Stock-in-Transit in dedicated G/L Accounts.

In this session, you'll learn the following:

  • Intercompany sales, intracompany transfers, external sales to customers, external purchases

    from vendors and returns

  • The scenarios available for Stock-in-Transit, such as:

  • The setup of Stock-in-Transit functionality in Logistics and Accounting

  • An example of how the Stock-in-Transit process works and how it is recorded in Accounting

  • How Stock-in-Transit Accounts can help resolve “Ship-not-billed” situations

  • Additional Functionality available with LOG_MM_SIT and Material Ledger, including:

    Intercompany Profit in Inventory and Actual Costing across company codes

Learn more about Paul Ovigele 



Session 10

Importance of a Cloud Mindset with S/4HANA

by Anurag Barua

As more companies transform how they run their business, the role of the cloud as the enabler and accelerator is pivotal. To capitalize on all the capabilities the cloud provides, it is important to build, foster, and sustain a cloud mindset.

In this session, I share the core principles of a cloud mindset, its components, activities, and the measures you need to take to establish a cloud mindset in your organization.

Learn more about Anurag Barua


tom 1

Session 11

Production Variance Analysis in S/4HANA

by Tom King

SAP S/4HANA has a combination of tools that allow you to perform a high-level and detailed analysis of the causes of variances. You can use classic reports, and newer Fiori apps to understand what is happening in the manufacturing environment.


 Learn more about Tom King



Session 12

Controlling CAPEX Budgets

by Richard Frykberg

In addition to traditional growth and sustenance initiatives, organizations are now challenged with environmental, social, and governance objectives, rising interest rates, scarce resources, and supply chain disruptions. Capital budgets and outcomes are under extreme executive scrutiny.

This session offers actionable insights into leveraging the SAP Fiori user experience and your current SAP technologies to optimize capital project portfolio selection and execution. Discover how to achieve your strategic objectives sooner and more cost-effectively.

Key topics addressed:

  • Controlling Capital Expenditure from Idea to Asset

  • Why a Fiori App is better than your current AFE/CER form for confident decision-making

  • Eliminating Excel and other disparate data sources to simplify budgeting and reporting

  • Forecasting capital expenditure effectively for timely risk-mitigating action

  • Reducing approval delays with high-quality data and tailored workflow routing

  • Tips and traps of SAP Investment Management and Project System

Learn more about Richard Frykberg



Session 13

Managing SAP Service Order Financials

by Dawn Watts

Manage your cost and revenues for customer field visits and service contracts. Learn about the financial flows for service processes using the SAP Customer Service module.

Learn more about Dawn Watts



Session 14

Dig Deeper into Product Costing

by Ashish Sampat

  • Understand how to investigate and rectify messages encountered during SAP product costing

  • Options to add freight and other costs in a standard cost estimate and track actuals

  • Deep dive into movement types and automatic account determination

  • Analyze MM-FI accounting flows

    Learn more about Ashish Sampat


Session 15

SAP Central Finance Design Challenges

by Anand Seetharaju

Many organizations have different ERP systems, including SAP and non-SAP systems. Integrating such systems poses enormous challenges and often involves manual month-end activities/processes to consolidate and report the data.

To adopt SAP S/4HANA innovations quickly, SAP offers multiple pathways:

  • System migration - brownfield implementation

  • Greenfield implementation

  • Central Finance

SAP offers SAP Central Finance solution, a deployment option, to leverage the latest innovations of S/4HANA by replicating posting data from different ERP systems to the Central Finance system without disturbing the existing ERP systems. The source system can be SAP, non-SAP, or customized home-grown systems.

There are several advantages to this approach, such as advanced segment/group reporting, scalable solutions, and transform business processes quickly.

Central Finance provides companies with an opportunity to harmonize master data on the fly and enable fast closing.

In this session, you will learn key design challenges of Central Finance:

  • Introduction to Central finance

  • Harmonizing master data

  • Central processes

  • Controlling in Central Finance

  • COPA in Central Finance

  • Application interface framework (AIF) Error handling

  • Use cases and best practices

Learn more about Anand Seetharaju


marjorie 1

Session 16

SAP Activity Price Calculation

by Marjorie Wright

Marjorie Wright, our 2018 Controlling Community Award recipient, shares important design and configuration settings for SAP Activity Price calculations.
Topics we discuss include:

  • Role of Cost Center Planning

  • Activity Type Master Data

  • Calculating a Plan and Actual Activity Price in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

In this session:

  • Discover how you plan activity-dependent costs

  • Find out how Cost Components are integrated

  • Explore the integration with Material Ledger Actual Costing

  • Learn the features for Activity Price calculation in SAP S/4HANA Finance

Learn more about Marjorie Wright


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