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How to make Trading Partner a required entry Part II



Make Trading Partner a Required Entry Part II

By Ashish Sampat

Ashish Sampat

This is Part II of Make Trading Partner a Required Entry Part I


Can You Make Trading Partner Required While Posting Financial Documents?


You have three alternatives:


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How to make trading partner a required entry (Part I)


Make Trading Partner a Required Entry Part I

By Ashish Sampat


Trading Partner is a term used in trade and commerce and is generally defined as:

One of the two or more participants in an ongoing business relationship.

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SAP Controlling Tip 100: Frequently Asked Questions

Tip 100 from 100 Things You Should Know About Controlling with SAP (2nd Edition) by John Jordan:

You can reference SAP Note 552486 for answers to frequently asked questions about Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC). Process orders provide you with extra functionality, such as phases and process instructions for process industries. 

The Online Service System (OSS) contains a database of useful information and advice on fixes for SAP system issues, consulting notes, and frequently asked questions. OSS Note 552486 contains advice on 14 SAP Controlling frequently asked questions. In this tip, we'll discuss how to access OSS Note 552486 adn we'll go over the note's first couple of questions and answers. 

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