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How Rockwell Automation optimized Product Costing in a Single Global SAP instance


How Rockwell Automation Optimized its SAP Product Costing

By Chris Karch



Learn how Rockwell Automation, a global provider of industrial automation, power, control and information solutions, supports its SAP costing requirements. 

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Closing the Wide Gap Between Accounting and the Marketing/Sales Function

Gary Cokins Resized

I look forward to presenting at the Controlling 2015 conference September 21-24 in San Diego. I am passionate about management accounting. My belief is there is much opportunity for accountants to improve the quality of information they provide to internal users to support better decision making.


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Filling in the gaps – FI/CO account posting during production processes in SAP

I’m not sure if anyone on our first SAP implementations truly understood the costing flow. It is one gift to understand SAP technically, and quite another to understand it as an accounting process. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences, especially in Product Costing and Cost Object Controlling. 

As a Senior Education Consultant at SAP, my first goal was to educate myself! Once I began working in the classroom with students, I found they were as confused as I had once been. As an SAP educator, I’ve made it my mission to simplify explanations of these intimidating topics.

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Controlling 2015 Panel Discussion Annoucement: Modernizing SAP Financials and Controlling

ERP Corp is pleased to announce that we have added a Panel Discussion: Modernizing SAP Financials and Controlling to the conference session line up. The panel will be a plenary session, providing an opportunity for every conference attendee to attend and engage in a lively discussion. 

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SAP Simple Finance 1503 FI and CO Closer Together


SAP Simple Finance 1503 FI and CO Closer Together

By Janet Salmon


In this recording from Controlling 2015, Janet Salmon, Chief Product Owner for Management Accounting at SAP SE presented SAP Simple Finance 1503- Accounting and Controlling Step Closer Together. In this session Janet introduced the latest challenges to accounting and controlling in SAP Simple Finance 1503.

SAP is in the process of reinventing SAP Financials using SAP HANA to enable new programming paradigms and SAP Fiori to provide a new user interface.


Learn more about Janet's sessions at the Controlling 2019 conference.


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SAP Simple Finance 1503 - FAQ's


SAP Simple Finance 1503 - FAQ's

By Janet Salmon



Our SAP Controlling Community gathered June 2015, for a webinar presented by Janet Salmon on the latest changes to accounting and controlling in SAP Simple Finance 1503. The webinar was a a sneak peek of Janet's SAP Controlling Conference Session.

The webinar explored how changes in SAP Simple Finance will affect SAP Controlling including how accounts and cost elements will merge, what you can expect to see in Reporting and Planning, and how account-based CO-PA has been enhanced to provide better Profitability Reporting with Margin Analysis. Keep reading for a list of frequently asked questions that came up during the webinar on SAP Simple Finance 1503.

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Dive into SAP FI/CO with popular speaker Paul Ovigele at Controlling 2015

Paul Ovigele Controlling 2015

Popular SAP Controlling speaker Paul Ovigele will present several sessions at Controlling 2015. Based on feedback from Controlling 2014, Paul has developed sessions on the topics attendees want to learn more about. Paul will present sessions on:

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Controlling 2015 Speaker Profile: Marjorie Wright

Marjorie Wright Controlling 2015 SpeakerToday, we are profiling Controlling 2015 speaker Marjorie Wright. Marjorie Wright is the founder of SimplyFI-CO, LLC: a boutique SAP training consulting company. She is an accomplished subject matter expert in SAP ERP business process and customizing and is a highly respected education consultant in the components of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Financial Supply Chain Management. 

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Video Blog: How to avoid the most common SAP CO-PA customization pitfalls

Rogerio Faleiros ResizedIn this recording from the Controlling 2015 Conference, Rogerio Faleiros discusses how to avoid most common SAP CO-PA pitfalls including:

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Cost Flow Excel Worksheet

The Cost Flow Excel worksheet from yesterday’s “Filling in the Gaps FICO Account Posting” session is now available for download (download it now here CostFlow.xlsx). Thanks for your attendance and great questions!”

I hope that this session enabled you to better understand when, and how, values post to Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. 


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SAP Controlling Tip 100: Frequently Asked Questions

Tip 100 from 100 Things You Should Know About Controlling with SAP (2nd Edition) by John Jordan:

You can reference SAP Note 552486 for answers to frequently asked questions about Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC). Process orders provide you with extra functionality, such as phases and process instructions for process industries. 

The Online Service System (OSS) contains a database of useful information and advice on fixes for SAP system issues, consulting notes, and frequently asked questions. OSS Note 552486 contains advice on 14 SAP Controlling frequently asked questions. In this tip, we'll discuss how to access OSS Note 552486 adn we'll go over the note's first couple of questions and answers. 

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Video Blog: Woodward’s top 10 advanced reporting tips

In this recording from the Controlling 2015 Conference, Sydnie McConnell presents Woodward’s top 10 advanced reporting tips

Woodward will share the top 10 reporting tips they have learned through the process of completing several global financial reporting projects in SAP, including a BPC 10 implementation and rolling out SAP GL and Fixed Assets to all of their sites. It covers:

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Thoughts on the Controlling 2015 Conference from John Pringle, SAP FICO Competency Group Lead with Illumiti

b2ap3_thumbnail_John-Pringle-Resized.jpgI just got home from Controlling 2015 and am already missing the sunny California weather.  This was the second year for me at the conference and the first year for presenting.  I think I underestimated the amount of time and work involved in pulling the presentations together, but overall it was a great experience and I would encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try.

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Video Blog: Enhancement Packages 5 & 6 – Where to find the business functions that matter for Controllers

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3675.jpgWhen SAP introduced the concept of enhancement packages and packaged functionality in business functions, administrators were relieved that they would not have to test everything when they upgraded. However, it made some business functions difficult to locate.

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Controlling 2015 Speaker Profile: Kay Reisenauer, Consolut

Kay Reisenauer Controlling 2015 SpeakerToday, we are profiling Controlling 2015 speaker Kay Reisenauer. Kay Reisenauer is a Senior SAP Consultant at consolut, an international SAP consulting company, and has more than 7 years of SAP experience. After several successful SAP implementations in Europe and North America, Kay has expert insight and knowledge of SAP Controlling, Project Systems, and Business Intelligence. He is also an expert in SAP Security Management and regularly provides SAP training. He recently moved from Germany to the United States and is currently working on establishing consolut International LLC in the North American market. Learn more about Kay. 

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Video Blog: How Woodward implemented SAP BPC 10.0


In this recording from the Controlling 2014 conference, you'll hear from Sydnie McConnell about how Woodward, a leading designer and manufacturer of hydro-mechanical and electronic fuel controls and delivery systems, decided to move its planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes to SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 (NetWeaver).

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The Ultimate SAP User Guide Now Available

I wasn't planning on publishing an SAP user guide. But when respected SAP writer Rehan Zaidi approached me, I realized he was right: SAP users need a clear and effective guide for getting started with SAP. They also need tips and tricks that can go undiscovered for years; Zaidi has plenty of those! So we embarked on our book project. The end result, The Ultimate SAP User Guide, is now available. 

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