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Controlling 2014 Speaker Profile: Kent Bettisworth, President & Executive Consultant at Bettisworth & Associates

Kent BettisworthThis week we are profiling Controlling 2014 speaker Kent Bettisworth, President & Executive Consultant of Bettisworth & Associates.

How did you get your start with SAP and SAP Controlling?

While working at Exxon in the early 1990’s we chose SAP as our ERP system.  At the time, I managed the accountants as well as the project and fixed asset systems for Exxon USA Downstream (shipping, marketing, refining, pipeline, HQ).  I was recruited for the project team to manage the implementation and migration from these project and asset disconnected systems to a single integrated system.  I left the project team, after a successful pilot in mid-1995 to start my own consulting company…the rest is history.

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Creating Functions in SAP Activity-Based Costing (ABC)

Although SAP provides many functions as part of the ABC environments, there are times when the logic that you want to use in the application of ABC overhead requires additional data.   There is a great deal of data that can be accessed using functions that read fields from tables or structures, and you can create this type of function without programming.

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Have you heard the buzz around SAP Simple Finance?


Did you hear the buzz around SAP Simple Finance at Sapphire? See what SAP Controlling experts have to say about the developments and learn more about SAP Simple Finance and SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA sessions at Controlling 2014.

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SAP Group Costing and Valuation Tips

In addition to the calculation of standard costs at the company code level, SAP also includes functionality to calculate standard costs across the entire corporation.  These are referred to as group costs. Instead of using legal transfer prices, which is the basis for company code standard costs, group costing performs complete across company costing.

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Expert Guide to the Asset History Sheet Report Video Blog

Learn more about the Asset History Sheet Report in this video presentation with slides from Controlling 2013 presented by Thomas Michael, founder and CEO of the Michael Management Corporation.

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ERP in the 21st Century: How the technology boom is changing the face of SAP

b2ap3_thumbnail_Tracy-Levine-Headshot-2.jpgOur world is at an inflection point.

      • 5 billion people are becoming the middle class
      • There are more than 1 billion network users
      • There are approximately 15 billion web-enabled devices
      • Data is doubling every 18 months
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Controlling 2014 Speaker Profile: Michael Shoemaker

This week we are profiling Controlling 2014 speaker Michael Shoemaker. Michael is a principal consultant at Alta Via Consulting, where experts design, deploy and support SAP Controlling solutions in ECC, BW and HANA. 

How did you get your start with SAP and SAP Controlling?

My first experience with CO was when I worked for Raytheon Aircraft.  We implemented v4.5B with a big bang go-live of January 1, 2000.  I was a SME with 6 years of cost accounting experience and it was my first time on a big project.  It made me realize how much I enjoyed the IT world.  

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The Most Prevalent Debate Among SAP Professionals (and Webinar Announcement)

The chicken or the egg, vanilla or chocolate, red or white wine, consulting or industry? Are these some of the biggest questions in the universe? You may argue not, however for a SAP professional, deciding between a consulting or industry position is an important career choice. This is one career choice you may reevaluate throughout your career depending on personal life events, career goals, and present opportunities. The truth is, there is no wrong choice. It’s about what opportunity works best for you at that point in your life and career. 

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Controlling 2014 Speaker Profile: Elitza Alexandrova

This week we are profiling Controlling 2014 speaker Elitza Alexandrova. Elitza is the Senior Financial Analyst at SPX Genfare, a leader in providing customized fare solutions to transit agencies of all sizes throughout North America and part of SPX Corporation, a Fortune 500 manufacturing and industrial equipment supplier. 

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Controlling 2014 Speaker Profile: Gary Cokins

This week we are profiling Controlling 2014 speaker Gary Cokins. Gary is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author in advanced cost management and enterprise performance and risk management systems. He is the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC, an advisory firm located in Cary, North Carolina.

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