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Display SAP MM-FI Automatic Account Assignment


Display SAP MM-FI Automatic Account Assignment

by John Jordan

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You use configuration Transaction OBYC to assign SAP General Ledger (GL) accounts in Financial Accounting (FI) to movement types in Materials Management (MM), also known as SAP MM-FI Automatic Account Determination or Assignment.

End users do not typically have the authorization to run configuration Transaction OBYC. 


You can easily display automatic account assignments as follows.

View table T030, which stores OBYC configuration settings, with Transaction SE16N. Type in Table T030 and press Enter to display the selection screen shown in Figure 1.


41 001

Figure 1: Table T030 Selection Screen To Display SAP MM-FI Configuration Settings

You restrict the table entries displayed on the subsequent results screen by making entries in the Selection Criteria section. To display G/L accounts posted during goods issues (GI) to production orders, make the following entries:

  • Chart of Accounts: Restrict your selection by your chart of accounts, INT in this example

  • Transaction: You display inventory movements with Transaction GBB

  • Valuation Grouping Code: A group of company codes (set up with transaction OMWD)

  • Account modifier: VBR for GI to production orders

  • Valuation Class: You assign a valuation class to materials In the Costing 2 view

Click the execute icon to display the screen shown in Figure 2.

41 002

Figure 2: Table T030 Entries Display SAP MM-FI Configuration Settings

This screen displays the G/L Accounts posted during goods issues to production orders.

For more information on entries in table T030, follow IMG menu path: 

Materials Management • Valuation and Account Assignment • Account Determination • Account Determination Without Wizard • Configure Automatic Postings

Figure 3 displays the menu path.

41 003

Figure 3: Configure Automatic Postings Menu Path

Click the paper and glasses icon to the left of Configure Automatic Postings at the bottom to display standard SAP documentation on setting up automatic postings.

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